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👋 Hey there! Welcome to DataProjects!

At DataProjects, we're all about learning by doing. We understand that real-world experience is crucial, but is often missing from traditional learning.  To address this issue, we created DataProjects, a platform with hands-on projects to help you develop practical skills for Data Engineering, Analytics, or Science jobs

If you find it difficult to put your knowledge into practice, and you spend hours sifting through random projects online, this platform is tailored to you! Our step-by-step projects mimic professional tasks, getting you ready for real-world jobs.

And if you have got some experience under your belt, we've got a wide range of technologies for you to explore, helping you level up your skills and job prospects. Plus, we're all about popular Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

So, if you're ready to kickstart your Data journey, hop on board with us! 🚀


Mike Chionidis

Full Stack Data Engineer, Team Lead, specialized in Data Products
About me
👋 I'm Mike, a Freelance Data Engineer based in Greece. 

Throughout my career, I've worked with prominent clients like Publicis Groupe and delivered data products utilized by industry giants such as as Samsung, Three Mobile, and Western Union. Within just two years of professional experience, I advanced to a Team Lead role, guiding a team of data professionals.

Previously, I've taught programming to university students to help them excel in their exams and assisted junior developers in kickstarting their careers.

My passion for sharing knowledge led to the establishment of DataProjects, with a clear purpose to help data enthusiasts secure their dream roles in the field. 

Let's embark on this learning adventure together, as we delve into the exciting world of data! 💫 

Our Winning Strategy

We have formulated a well-defined, structured approach to help you get from 0 to job-ready in just six months of dedicated work.

1. Build Skills

Months 1-3. Learn the fundamentals in the first three months. Python, SQL, and all the other necessary skills you will need in your day-to-day job.

2. Implement Projects

Months 2-5. Build End-to-End projects to get hands-on experience on applying the technologies you have learned to resolve real-world problems. Deploy your solutions on the Cloud to be production-ready system exactly as you will do in your real job!

3. Establish Your Personal Brand

Months 2-6. Create your CV, upload your projects to Github to build your portfolio to showcase to recruiters, create your LinkedIn profile and network by making meaningful connections.

4. Prepare for Interviews

Month 6. Prepare for both behavioral and technical rounds of the interview process. Practice most common interview questions. In this stage, you start appying for jobs using multiple funnels.

5. Get the Job

Months 6-8. 🎉 Congratulations! All your hard work has been rewarded! You have successfully landed your dream job in Data. This is when all the adventure begins! ✨ 

Explore our End-to-End Projects

We've offer real-world projects for all Data Professionals on a wide range of technologies 🤩

Frequently asked questions

1. How much Python and SQL knowledge is required?

A fundamental proficiency in Python, specifically with the Pandas library, is necessary. You should have experience working with Pandas DataFrames. In terms of SQL, a solid understanding of fundamental statements such as Select, From, Where, and Join, as well as familiarity with SQL tables, is recommended.

2. Will I need to subscribe to any Cloud services?

No, you won't need to pay for any Cloud subscriptions. Google Cloud offers all new users a $300 credit to use within their first 90 days. Simply create an account with your credit card, activate the trial, and follow the provided instructions to deactivate automated renewal, as demonstrated in the project videos.

3. How long will I have access to the projects?

You will have lifetime access to the projects you buy. This applies to both individual projects and the Data Career Accelerator training program.

4. Do you offer trainings for professionals/businesses?

Yes, based on request, we offer professional training on Data/Cloud technologies. For inquiries regarding professional trainings, please reach out to us at info@dataprojects.io with your specific details, or using our Contact Form.

5. Have more questions?

For any additional inquiries or clarifications, feel free to contact us at info@dataprojects.io or using our Contact Form.

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